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Mississippi Freedom MarcherWashington, DC, by Roy Decarava, 1963.

“Art has no rules”

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James Ostrer

Photographer James Ostrer documents our obsession with sugar in a series of grotesque real life portraits of people covered in layers of sweets and junk food. Speaking largely on the to the global food production and increasingly dangerous methods of mass production, Ostrer’s photographs conjure tribal images that are both fascinating and repulsive. Via the press release, “This adornment becomes a mask of what we eat which then becomes entwined with a hyper-pop sensibility and an obsequious inquiry into the great volumes of sugar that flow through our bodies.”

Space Shuttle artwork by Ed Hengeveld.

Pieter Hugo - Darren and Tara, Durban, 2013.

Destruction! Debris! A post-battle concept.