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Sandra Gramm, smoked salmon, Berlin 2014 

Unafraid of the Dark

Photography by: Dexter R. Jones


Igor Posner

None Such Records (Mexicali 2004-2006)

“No Such Records” is an exploration of the silent and haunting experience of walking after dark on the streets of Los Angeles and Tijuana. Collision of social and typical with personal and psychological, this series of images savors the strange solitude of the enigmatic region between California and Mexico; the streets, bars, night shelter hotels, and amorphous night figures.

Detective Comics #105 (1945) Cover by Jack Burnley and Charles Paris

Jim Lambie artist from Scotland, The Belt 2013

tchmo, Untitled 20140804s, Giclée print

werner witschi - u-pendel (windmobile, 1969)

trudi demut - neugierig (1973)